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Storycon is a one-day conference organized by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) that focuses fully on the intricacies and craftsmanship of storytelling across different media forms like movies, TV, AR/VR/XR and video games. The aim of the conference is to inspire audiovisual professionals to reflect on the art of storytelling and to explore different media to express their ideas. For the 2022 edition we gaze into the future. Under the tagline ‘A collision of (he)art and technology’ we explore how creators will be able to harness the power of technological advances to create stories that resonate stronger than ever before! 

Our storyline …

Each keynote and interview lasts about 50 minutes.
There is room for 10 minutes of Q&A after each one.
We offer ample networking possibilities during the lunch break and networking drink after the event. 

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Meet our storytellers

Paul Tyler (UK)


Kent Bye (US)

[Voices of VR podcast producer]

Luis Antonio (Portugal/US)

[Independent game developer Twelve Minutes]

Margaux Missika (France)

[Interactive producer at Upian]

Liz Rosenthal (UK)

[Curator, Venice VR]

Antoine Cayrol (France)

[Founder and producer at Atlas V]

Jonathan Zimmerman (US)

[Narrative director at Deck Nine Games]
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* A healthy, vegetarian lunch and the celebratory networking drink after the event are both included in the ticket price! 

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Ravensteinstraat 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

BOZAR was designed by the legendary Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta. VAF’s Story Conference will take place in Zaal M.

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