18 APRIL 2024

Kim Noble

Kim’s award-winning, multi-disciplined approach has led him to work across theatre, series, film, art, podcasts and comedy. His style is provocative*, humorous and seeks to expose the human condition: notions of death, sexuality, gender and religion are all picked at. His podcast Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow) (2020) is a podcast like no other. It has been described as ‘morbidly compelling, highly atmospheric, odd, funny, unsettling, thoughtful, uplifting, downlifting’. Kim is also known in Flanders for Lullaby for Scavengers (2022), a solo performance in collaboration with Pol Heyvaert (Campo).

*The interview with Kim Noble may well explore topics, themes and content that some may find controversial or offensive. Members of the audience are welcome to leave either before or during the interview at any time and will be most welcome back to join after the break.



comedian, performance artist, podcaster