Antoine Le Bos

founder & artistic director ‘Le Groupe Ouest’

Keynote by Antoine Le Bos

14.00 - 15.00


Antoine Le Bos started as a scriptwriter for TV and cinema and directed a few awarded short films and on-stage experiments in Paris and Prague. With time, his strong taste for the understanding of story architectures has built a practice: helping other writers give birth to their own stories. He’s a script-consultant for TorinoFilmLab, Doha Film Institute and many others. He created Le Groupe Ouest, European Film Lab in Finistère. Since, this small coastal village has become the first place in Europe in coaching filmmakers in development phase.

A new perspective
on story-development

After 12 years of constant experimentation on script & story development in our ‘writer’s village’ in Brittany, following and coaching more than 200 writers from 40 countries each year in development phase on our beaches, we have come to a few insights that open new roads into the understanding of the script development process. Is the writing phase really about writing?