Tatjana Samopjan

creative development consultant

Keynote by Tatjana Samopjan

14.00 - 15.00


Tatjana Samopjan is a Creative Development Consultant working on development of TV shows in Sweden and abroad. Previously she was the Head of Development at Palladium Fiction, a Stockholm-based production company. Her background is in linguistics, literature and interdisciplinary studies. Tatjana’s original lectures have been well-received all over Europe. They show unusual connections between life and drama in a way that makes storytellers realise both endless possibilities and serious responsibilities of their work.

Subject: ‘Beyond Entertainment’

Behind our time’s most revered tv-shows lie the life stories of their creators. In search of inspiration and role models many screenwriters end up copying the concepts of others without ever really examining the life that gave rise to the story they want to emulate. Is it possible to write a fierce story without living a fierce life? Do you believe you can remain hidden, invulnerable and still create something of lasting value?