Liz Rosenthal (UK)

Curator, Venice VR

Keynote by Liz Rosenthal

14:00 - 15:00
Keynote by Liz Rozenthal


Liz Rosenthal has been a long time pioneer of immersive and interactive creative media. She’s the curator of Venice Immersive, Executive Producer of CreativeXR, a UK immersive content accelerator programme and Founder of trailblazing innovation company Power to the Pixel. Throughout her career, Liz has helped international media businesses and artists to innovate and adapt their practice to evolving platforms, tools and audiences.  

Trends in Immersive Storytelling

In just 7 years, immersive storytelling has evolved from an experimental form, hidden in the depths of pioneering university research departments, to works of art and entertainment that are wowing audiences in world-class festivals, cultural venues and virtual spaces. Liz will give an overview of how storytellers are using the medium to approach a wide spectrum of formats, genres and experiences, from social impact, fiction, animation to multiplayer, multi-sensory location based and virtual story worlds. Through a variety of examples, she will demonstrate the infinite opportunities that immersive technologies offer to connect and engage users in ways not previously possible with flat screen media.